Little Prince Hospice for Children in Lublin

KRS: 000 000 4522

Our actions

Supporting the hospice, you help terminally diseased children to enjoy their life around their beloved ones. On behalf of all our Children, thank you for supporting us!


Dear Newly-Weds!

We encourage you to support the hospice on your wedding. You can support the Hospice asking your guests to bring gifts for our Children (school items, drawing/painting supplies, toys, etc.) instead of flowers for you. You can also organize money collection to the Hospice’s can.
You are invited to cooperate with us.

For details, call us phone no. 81 53 71 373, Monday to Friday, from 8.30 to 4 pm.



Collect plastic caps of all plastic packages. Hospice passes the caps which you collect to a company which utilizes them. We finance dreams and purchase of gifts for the Children with the money which we win.

You can bring caps to the Hospice’s office at ul. Lędzian 49 (side road of ul. Nałęczowska – entry at ul. Sławin) the whole week. Call 81 53 71 365 or 53 71 373 from 8.30 to 3.30, Monday-Friday.

You can help us

How to help us?

You can become a donor, and donate basic commodities to the children in need and their families, such as: care articles, cosmetics for children, diapers, groceries with long expiration dates, school items, new toys and games for children, minor white goods, TV. If you would like to purchase specialist medical equipment to be used at homes of the diseased children, please contact us:

Financial support

Anyone can help the Hospice for Children in Lublin. You just need to enter the amount and click “donate”.