Little Prince Hospice for Children in Lublin

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About us

“Little Prince” Hospice for Children in Lublin was founded in 1997 – it is the only home hospice for children in south-eastern Poland.

It was founded to take home care of children and adolescents with cancer, and other terminal and progressive diseases.

The Hospice, to promote philosophy and palliative care attitude, runs trainings and conducts research on palliative care in pediatrics, and issues publications.

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Terms of admission

Children and adolescents which suffer from incurable diseases (chronic diseases of progressive nature, and cancer in terminal phase) are admitted to the Hospice.

Admission procedure:

  • Parents should apply in writing to Hospice to admit the child, and attach full medical documentation on the course and history of the disease to the application,
  • Documents should be sent or delivered individually to the office of Hospice in Lublin at ul. Lędzian 49, room 73,
  • After analysis of the documents, a doctor from the Hospice gets in contact with the family of the diseased child in order to arrange the visit at the child’s home,
  • After the doctor’s visit, the decision about admission of the child to the Hospice is made.

Detailed information about the terms and procedure of admission to be given by the Hospice’s Medical Team manager, tel. no. 81/53 71 362.

Write to us

81 53 71 362